Ali Naseri

Software Developer

  • Rafsanjan, Kerman, Iran
  • moa.naseri [at]
  • +98 919 721 0012

About me

hey, my name is ali (mohammad ali). i was born in 1999 and started web design in 2016.
one year later i started learning PHP for a little while, but PHP was not my favorite programming language so i chosed JavaScript in 2017.
now i code with JavaScript and try to learn new things. programming is life skills and with programming we learnd how to live.


JavaScript 3 years
Node.js 2 years
Express.js 2 years
React.js 1 year
Git 2 years
MySQL 2 years
MongoDB 2 years
Web Design 4 years
HTML 4 years
CSS 4 years
Bootstrap 4 years